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Fordham Financial Management targets, evaluates, and structures creative, risk-tolerant capitalization solutions for middle market and emerging companies.  The Firm has the specialized expertise and resources to meet the complex financial needs of these growing, promising companies.  Fordham utilizes a disciplined and prudent value recognition process and only invests in companies that meet our assessment for potential growth.

We generally seek the following conditions in discovering companies:
  • Talented, experienced management;
  • Proprietary technologies, products or services; and,
  • Sound and expanding market trends.
We believe companies that demonstrate these criteria may have a strong upside potential value for private placements, mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings, restructuring and/or bridge financing.  By employing these capitalization strategies, Fordham is able to provide our client companies with capital and market access to our global network of likewise entrepreneurial-minded investor clients.
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